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I am Jasvir Singh, the founder and owner of Real Indicators LLC. I have been living in USA since 1991. I1 started my career path as a Civil Engineer. I encountered a plethora of challenges and problems due to the severe weather during winter time. With time I acclimatized myself to the weather and managed to complete MCSE and CCNP.

Thereafter I worked with many telecommunication companies. Unfortunately for me I was laid off on many occasions. The burden of job insecurity, lack of clear source of income and uncertainty of what the future holds for me overcrowded my thought day-in and day-out. Very soon my health started to deteriorate. Coupled with many other problems to contend with, I became completely miserable in life.

In my quest to find solution to my unemployment problem I ventured into forex, stocks and futures trading. I was doing this on part-time basis. In 2004, I made good money with Google options which completely turned my life around. Since then, trading has become my main occupation and primary source of income. In fact, it is now my full time job. I trade Stock Options, Forex, Emini Futures and Binary Options.

I create systems for trading forex, stocks, futures and binary options profitably. My principal goal is to develop a trading system that (i) has no loss; (ii) can trade any market; and (iii) can withstand the test of time. I intend to have my systems make money for my clients. I like to make Real Indicators profitable for everyone. I like to keep Real Indictors free from scam, profitable and customer-oriented.

Feel free to explore my site and do not hesitate to contact me should you have any questions or require further clarifications. Join me as we build funds together.

Jasvir Singh ( Stock Options, Forex, Emini Futures, Binary Options, Ladder, Nadex Expert )

Founder, Real Indicators LLC.